Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The things they say...

Kids say so many sweet things. At 3 and 4 I love to listen to Ally and Weston carry on a conversation. And the best it their singing!

I wanted to document my most recent two favorite things they said:


"You know how much I love you momma? I love you with all my heart"


"Momma I am going to buy you a really petty (pretty) dress for Christmas"



I remember thinking last year when Weston turned four that there is no way I could possibly handle him turning five in a year.

Just the thought of it made me want to curl up and cry.

The funny thing is, I don't feel that way at all now that it has rolled around.

My heart is so full of gratitude for his life and the sweet boy he has grown into.
My momma's heart swells a little bit thinking of the obstacles he/we have gone through.
The boy that used to cry when a new thing was coming his way now walks into a room with confidence and ease.

He has to go to the dentist tomorrow and has not flinched. He is having trouble with a tooth and there could be problems, but he is so calm about it.

It is such a gift to walk alongside him and watch him grow in this life. To see him put things together and work through things. 

He is such a special boy and I am so thankful to call him my son.

Here's to turning five sweet boy! I love you with all my heart!

your momma

Beautiful thing...

Truth is, I kind of stink at keep up with this now.


I want to.

There is a part of my heart that just wont let it go.

So here I am writing a few weeks before Christmas and quite possibly the busiest time of the year.

It's been a great week.
You know as a parent when you have a really hard where something is off with one of  your kids and you can't seem to get it right.
We all have tough weeks and tough stages.

But I have noticed something about myself...I dwell on those tough weeks!
absolutely let them consume me, but when they are good I don't seem to dwell on the good quite so much, or even at all.

I just do a "thank you God for an easy day"
I have been convicted in that lately and really want to thank God for the good and the bad.
Because even when things are bad he makes them good...even better.

After a rough patch I see our family growing closer together than before and strong relationships being formed and in my heart that is what I really want, not easy.

So here is to a good week!

Picking out her finger nail polish color on Monday ;)

Helping me wrap presents. They have made getting ready for Christmas so much fun this year!