Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What's best (He knows)

Two out of the four days of this week so far I have been home with all three kiddos because my oldest has been sick.

Weston was also sick back in September and was home two days.
I learned something those two days and this week when he came down with something it was a sweet reminder of what God can do when we are interrupted.

life just comes so fast now and I hate that.
but to be honest when someone in the family gets sick sometimes my first thought is " I don't have time for someone to get sick"

which is really kind of ridiculous the more I think about it. What don't I have time for? Staying home and reading books? Staying home and tending to their needs? That is absolutely what I should have time for.

Anyway, the last time he was sick by the second day he had some homework we had to go over in the afternoon. As we were going over it I was helping him with some math and taught him a few tricks that used to help me. I could see a little light in his eyes brighten as he was figuring out what they had been learning. we caught up on his AR reading and by the end of the day my boy was confident and excited about going back to school.
I realized at that point that he needed to be home with me for more reasons than the flu.

So this time when he had to be home I was completely ok with it, actually I was excited about it, because you just never know what God might have in store when we allow our schedules to be interrupted. For me, that is when the best moments happen. The moments when I am reminded of why I am where I am in the first place.

Friday, November 4, 2016


like every mom right now life is crazy busy.
Once school starts things get so busy and I was doing a pretty good job balancing things until this week.

I fell asleep reading to my youngest this morning and woke up a few seconds later to his sister coloring all over him with a green marker.

I realized that the best thing I could do for my family and myself is rest for a few days.

I usually don't think this way, I am a doer and I love to get things done.

but three kids later I started realizing last year that it didn't matter if the laundry was all caught up and we had amazing dinners if I was worn out and biting everyone's heads off every time they made a small noise.

Last satruday I went through our entire house and perged. it felt amazing. the kids and I went through books, toys, papers you name it. I assigned each of them a hamper to put their dirty clothes in and we organized toys and established new systems for all of the things I trip over one hundred times a day.

to me that is a successful day, one where I really feel like I accomplished something.

but here is the thing, I got to thinking about Christmas this morning. The holidays are right around the corner and I think all of us, myself included want to hit the gas peddle and get to the "next thing"

but if we were all honest there are many holidays that we don't enjoy because we were distracted or tired or ready for the "next thing"

I just started being aware a year or so ago at how exhausting it is to live this way.

I never savored anything because I was constantly feeling like I needed to prepared for the next thing.

That isn't my true heart. that isn't truly the person I want to be. I want to savor moments both little and big. I want to be present in my children's lives and the people around me.

and right now I am so tired I cant even stay awake to read to my kids and I feel like I am fighting off a cold. there are so many great things coming up for our family and I am so excited for them, but for now I know the best thing I can do is rest. not get my house perfect or jump to the next thing.

just rest.

its a beautiful day outside I think I will take a walk, sip some coffee and read (and probably fall asleep) ;)