Monday, August 1, 2016

River Night

I look back through pictures on my phone and it wasn't all that long ago that I posted about our new place and the barn sale and now here we are and it is the week of the sale.

Life just happens so fast doesn't it.

A few weeks ago we all loaded up right in the middle of the week and took our dinner to the river

It was just one of those moments ya know...where you feel it in your heart.

Do you ever secretly wonder if you are living best days of your life?

I know that probably isn't true, but our kiddos are just at some of the sweetest ages and when I look back and see Ally holding her baby the whole way to the river or watch McCoy mimic everything Weston does in admiration I wonder if these sweet days that are passing too fast are my best.

One of the kids lined all of our shoes up  and I thought it was so sweet.

One of my favorite things about going to our little spot on the river is it is so low maintenance. We don't pack a lot and the kids find all sorts of rocks and shells and make games out of just whatever their imagination brings about. Dinner was simple and we just enjoyed being together and enjoying the beauty of God's creation around us and I am pretty sure that is how He intended it to be.
I think sometimes we make too much of things and I am thankful for how my kids always remind me that life really isn't all that complicated when we slow down and don't fear and have faith and just be.

I have learned you take as many snacks for the ride home as you do for while you are there. The kids munched on apples and we drove home recharged and ready for another day.

I pray all who read here have a way to reset when things get busy and our minds get blurry.
I hope everyone has a great week. I have more to share so hopefully I will be back soon!

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