Sunday, July 10, 2016

Barn Sale

hello again!

As promised I am back to share the next part with you about the new place.

I mentioned before about how we cleaned out the barns and out buildings.

I just have to say, those buildings are my favorite part of the whole place...that and the big old oaks on the property.

I said in my last past that I had dreams of my own and wasn't particularly excited about Cam's idea but felt led by the Lord to trust him.

About a week or so before the auction I was working down in our basement on some furniture I was redoing and had an idea.
while I was working I decided I should open a little shop out of our basement and start selling things that I made or found or didn't have a place for anymore in our home.

if you know me at all, you know one of my favorite things to do is work in our home and I always have a project going.

I was so excited to walk out and tell Cam and he was super supportive except for the part about it being in our basement. which I understood and kinda wondered how that would work myself but I just felt a little spark in my heart and knew something was going to come out of it. He told me to let him think on it for a bit and see what he could come up with.

later that night I was doing dishes and all of a sudden I had figured it out. THE BARN! THE BARN at the new place would be perfect. I ran outside to tell Cam I had thought of the perfect place and when I told him he told me he was just thinking the same thing.

we rode over right away and looked at again and it was perfect. I just loved it and the idea to have a barn sale a few times a year blossomed.

You may be wondering what does one buy at a barn sale (or sell) and honestly just about anything goes, but this sale is going to be a mix of handmade, antiques and other goods for your home.

Some of the stalls will be rented out and have a similar feel to an antique booth or craft fair booth.

As we prepare and get closer I hope to share some of the items we are going to have for sale as well as some more information about the first sale.

The date is set for the first sale! It is going to be August 6tt!

If it is something you are interested in please follow along here, or the Facebook page

I will be sharing more details about the sale and also share photos about some of the cool things we have found and are going to be selling at the first sale on the Facebook page and here as well.

Once again, thank you for following along and for all of your support and messages of encouragement, they mean more than you could ever possibly know!