Saturday, April 30, 2016

Adoption Party

April was a busy month for us simply because I had two showers that I helped with. One was for my childhood good friend Katy and the other was an adoption party for our cousin Ashlee and her husband Pat who are adopting two sweet little girls from India.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of Katy's baby shower which is a real bummer because it was so pretty and special. But luckily for Ashlee's adoption party one of the hosts was Lindsey Panteleo and she took some beautiful pictures of the party.

I love helping with showers and parties. Some of my fondest memories of my pregnancies is our showers. Everyone that has ever given us a shower always went above and beyond and made me feel so loved and special. That is always my hope when I help or host a party or shower for someone, that they walk away feeling loved and knowing how much they are cared for.

Anyway...back to the shower.
I was in charge of decorations with cousin Jes so I cant take credit for much, but there were seven of us I think that helped and together we made an awesome team!

For food we just served lots of little sweets. Cupcakes, truffles, chocolate cones with fruit, and these pretty little sugar cookies.

Ashlee loves the retro vintage look so we used old suitcases, globes and these big balloons that I ordered off etsy.

My Ally girl helped with the gifts. She is so excited to about more little girls joining our family!

And one more thing...

I could not think of a better momma (and grandma) for those sweet girls! My heart could just bust with excitement as we await these little ladies.

Until they get here we pray and wait!

(All the fabulous pictures by the talented Lindsey Pantaleo)