Friday, September 23, 2016

Back to school Blues...

Well, we have officially been back to school for a little over a month and things are going fairly smooth.
Last year about this time I was really struggling with Weston being in school fulltime. It was hard on this momma's heart. Especially when they come home and they are different, sad, mad and you don't know why  because you weren't with them all day.

One of the biggest lessons I learned last year was to cling to my faith. Even when things are hard and there are problems with teachers, friends, etc.
I often forget that these children aren't mine they are the Lords.
As much as I want to keep them close and protect them from every little thing we all know in the long run I would be holding them back from HIS plans for them.
I say this in full faith because I learned it the hard way last year. By the end of the school year I could see various ways God used our boy, or our family throughout the school year.

It wasn't always a walk in the park. And to be honest the first few weeks I cried a lot in my car after dropping him off and he didn't want to go and I was wondering if I was doing the right thing.

I remember a specific afternoon when I was waiting in the car line to pick him up. I was barely hanging by a thread and I looked around and noticed that everyone else seemed to have this whole school thing under control and her I was completely a wreck trying to navigate through.

As the school year went on I would run into other moms in Wal-mart or wherever and we would visit and I started realizing that every family faces struggles at school at one time or another.

And wouldn't you know the Lord is teaching us again this school year. The adjustment has been much easier because now we know the school better and how everything works and well we are all just a little bit stronger.

But one morning a few weeks into school little Wes didn't want to go. It was the day after a dentist appointment where we had found out he was going to have a tooth pulled.

As I was pulling away he yelled mommy and started to cry so I pulled in and parked. He came running to me that he forgot his lunch box and I told him to calm down and we would check and sure enough it was there. I looked him and in the eye and told him that I knew it was hard, but he had to be brave and do it. He turned around and walked in the school.

What he didn't know is that I followed a few steps behind him into the school and went into the office and talked with the school secretary about how he had a bad tooth and could I send the nurse a note incase it gave him trouble. I explained to the nurse what was going on and to please call if he continued to feel bad.

She ended up calling by nine and said that he had come to her office and she took his temperature and he was ok. She told me she would check him again in the middle of the day and let me know if anything changed.

He ended up having a great day.

After I wrote his note in the office that morning I was walking back to my car and I had one of those moments where my chest hurt and was tight and I had a lump in my throat and the Lord spoke to my heart. 
Just like how I went quietly in the shadows for my son to protect and care for him the Lord does for me, my children, my husband ... all of the people I love.
Out of the same reason I did it for my boy, LOVE.

He is always working around us whether I know it or see it...He is there and that brings me so much encouragement as I send each child out into the world a little bit at a time.

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