Monday, August 1, 2016

Gasconade County Fair

When I was a little girl I was in 4-H. My brother Blake and I showed dairy cows every summer at local fairs and our favorite was always the Owensville Fair.

Fast forward to life now and his daughter is in 4-H and we always enjoy loading up the last week in July and going to watch her at the fair.

This year my mom took off work so the kids and I picked her up on our way.

I found a few pictures from last year and had to include them. It amazes me how much the kids change from year to year.

The rest of the pictures are from this year.

After we watched Halle show we had a picnic lunch and then waited in the barn until the parade started. Cameron headed down once he got off work and arrived to the fair just as everything was wrapping up at the parade. A huge storm blew in and my mom and I got stuck buying supper up at the cook shacks. We waited it out and once it was over we gobbled down dinner and headed to ride rides. My kids are finally at an age where skipping over riding rides is not an option ;)

It was another great year at the fair. I am so thankful my kids are growing up so close the their cousins.

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