Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What's best (He knows)

Two out of the four days of this week so far I have been home with all three kiddos because my oldest has been sick.

Weston was also sick back in September and was home two days.
I learned something those two days and this week when he came down with something it was a sweet reminder of what God can do when we are interrupted.

life just comes so fast now and I hate that.
but to be honest when someone in the family gets sick sometimes my first thought is " I don't have time for someone to get sick"

which is really kind of ridiculous the more I think about it. What don't I have time for? Staying home and reading books? Staying home and tending to their needs? That is absolutely what I should have time for.

Anyway, the last time he was sick by the second day he had some homework we had to go over in the afternoon. As we were going over it I was helping him with some math and taught him a few tricks that used to help me. I could see a little light in his eyes brighten as he was figuring out what they had been learning. we caught up on his AR reading and by the end of the day my boy was confident and excited about going back to school.
I realized at that point that he needed to be home with me for more reasons than the flu.

So this time when he had to be home I was completely ok with it, actually I was excited about it, because you just never know what God might have in store when we allow our schedules to be interrupted. For me, that is when the best moments happen. The moments when I am reminded of why I am where I am in the first place.

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