Friday, May 16, 2014

The not knowing...

It's four o'clock in the morning and we are well on our way down the road and they are giggling and talking (loudly)
The should be sleeping, but they are too excited to sleep
I know this because they just told me:
"I am to esited to peep"

All I can think about is awful this drive is going to be if they dont sleep. I mean it is a fourteen hour drive before we get to our friends' house in Texas.
We are just getting started and they are about to bust out the sunroof in excitement.

I kept thinking
"If they only knew how far this trip is ahead of them"
If they only knew how hard it is with a baby crying...

If they only knew, but they didnt.

They just knew their heart and their heart was excited so that is what they were.

And as we sped down I-44 in the middle of the night with three little ones wide awake talking loudly and squirming in their car seats I decided to just be excited too.

To just let my heart feel and to not worry and fear the what-ifs and maybes of this trip.

And I laugh behind my buckle in the dark where no one sees except for HIM. The one who continues to speak to me through the wide eyed wonder and innocence of my children.
The One who calls me near and nudges my heart and says, "do not fear" "look at your children see things how they see them"

And once again I am reminded that they teach me more than I could ever hope to teach them.