Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Ice Cream Truck

One of my favorite things about our little place is our neighbor Ms. Tracy. She lives right across the road and has stables and gives riding lessons. There is always someone coming and going over there and its just fun!

She sent me a message the other day that an ice cream truck was going to be at her place at 5:30

so, the kids dug through their piggy banks and we headed over.

It turned out to be a double blessing because Cam was working late and I am always looking for things to do when he does so the night doesn't seem so long and lonely.

We had so much fun.

They wanted me to take pictures of what they picked but McCoy was too busy eating the (black) eyes off his.

That koozie is holding his beloved old cell phone my grandma gave him. 

Such a sweet night with my sweet people.