Thursday, July 7, 2016

our new place...

I have been anticipating sharing this story for so long and now that it is here I am afraid I wont get it out the way it should read as I type, but either way I want to share a bit about our new place with yall.

Some of you probably read on Instagram awhile back that Cameron and I bought a place down the road from us back in the spring.

You may have scratched your head as to why we would buy another little farm, so today I am going to tell you why.


That is the best way to put it.
Cameron dreams of a farm and cows and for the past year we have been looking to by some land so he can have some cows.

a friend of ours put a bug in our ear as they say about the place that we purchased shortly after the owner passed away. a for sale sign never went up for a year and then the last day in march this year one went up.

I remember Cam's text that day and how excited he was but to be honest I wasn't that excited.

We had been saving and budgeting but I still was having a hard time with it. I had dreams of my own...more on that in a minute.

we met with the family that was selling the place the next weekend and they told us it was going to be auctioned.

We rode the property, walked through the house and out buildings after they gave us permission and we really liked it.

we really prayed about it and I felt God urging me to trust Cam in this so I told him I didn't understand it completely but I trusted him and supported him in this.

in april they held an estate auction and I don't recommend ever buying land that way.
at one point I thought Cam was going to have a heart attack.

It was rainy and wet and we had all three babies with us, but I remember taking a walk and praying about the auction and everything the day before and I felt in my heart that God was in this and we had his blessing.

I walked back into our house after praying and my grandma told me that she was going to be selling food at an auction by my house that Saturday. I smiled because I knew in my heart God was orchestrating something beyond me.

He knew what a dream this was for Cam and I and me being the way I am he knew I would want family to share it with and he did just that.

My grandma didn't know anything about us wanting to buy the property until right before it sold but she gladly let the kids sit with her while we bid.

I took this picture after the kids and I got home from the auction and I was getting ready to hose off their boots.

it was such a good day. our hearts were so full and I will never forget how excited we were to call our parents and tell them what God had just allowed us to do.

We closed a few weeks later and they took our picture with the older man's jumble of keys.

Then the work began! HA!

We knew right away the wisest thing for us to do was to rent the house because we were so content with where we were living there was no need for us to move.

we started right away and cleaned out the workshop and the barn as well.

it took three solid days to get the barn and workshop cleaned out and we did it as a family and it was such a blessing to all be together work hard towards a dream.

McCoy passed out on me right before we were about to finish up that first day and I remember how good that felt.

Cam and I were a little worried about how the kids would do but their hard working little spirits shown bright and they found all kinds of ways to help and wanted to take home every little thing we found out of the buildings.

We purchased the property in April, closed in May and have been work work working on it this summer and the house is about finished and we are meeting with our potential renters tonight.

We have shown it several times, but my prayer all along is that it would bless who lives there as much as it blesses us to have them there.

and last week God sent the perfect people.

I am so thankful for ALL of the ways God has blessed this dream of ours so far. there is no way I could blog every single detail and story that has happened but each time something happens I am so thankful for His hand in this.

One of our biggest concerns was our kiddos and how we would balance everything and it has all worked out so well. we have included them as absolute much as possible, but when the days would get long (or weekends) we would ask grandparents to watch them or let them nap at their house while we worked.

what we didn't anticipate was how much they would enjoy being a part of it.
they love "our new place" and have each learned so much right along side their momma and daddy

I don't know all the details of God's plan for this place, but I know He does have one and I am so thankful.

Believe it or not I have more to share but all the kiddos are waking up so it ends here today.

But earlier in my post I mentioned something about dreams of my own and that is what I want to share with yall tomorrow

thank you for reading along!