Thursday, July 14, 2016
This past weekend we had a dinner at the new place to thank all of our family and friends that have helped make everything possible.

As we were preparing to get the house ready to rent everyone came alongside us in so many ways and helped and encouraged us.
We are so thankful how they all pitched in whether it was cleaning, or working on the house or helping us watch the kiddos and we wanted them to know just how grateful we are that God placed them in our lives and that they are so open to helping and encouraging us chase our dreams.

The menu was grilled steak, the Pioneer Woman's twice baked potatoes, salad with homemade ranch, rolls and for dessert I made the Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake.
Everything was a big hit and Cam and I worked all day Saturday getting everything ready. I made the sides and desserts and he took care of the steaks.

I picked flowers out of our yard and bought two bundles of sunflowers to mix in.

Weston and Ally were super eager to help and I tried to find as many jobs as possible that they could do to help.
Ally pretty much did all the flowers (once I cut them down) and they helped put the rolls in the pan, season a chalkboard and lots of other fun little jobs.

I was worried about the heat and the fact that it has been raining so much ....and there was thunder off in the distance. I asked God to bless the night and hold off the rain but keep it cool for great grandparents and he sent the perfect evening straight from heaven.

So thankful, my heart is full.

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